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Green Bay Packers Tight End Jermichael Finley Does Not Believe

Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley does not believe the neck injury he sustained earlier this month will end his career.Finley, in his first public comments since he was taken off Lambeau Field on a stretcher, authored a first-person account for Sports Illustrated's The MMQB of what he has been through since the Oct.

.20 injury against the Cleveland Browns."Of course I plan to play football again," Finley wrote."This is what I love to do.I love the game.I love Sundays.Based on the feedback I've received from doctors at this point, the question is not if I'll play again, but when".Finley is scheduled to visit more medical experts this week before the Packers determine whether to place him on season-ending injured reserve, league sources told ESPN NFL Insider Ed Werder.

.I'm getting anxious sitting around all day, but I know my neck is healing," he wrote."I am confident that I will be part of a new case study of players who returned to football successfully after suffering neck and head trauma.

.Just like we see every year with ACL recovery, anything is possible when you combine drive and commitment with a tremendous support system and team, and amazing advances in science and medicine".Jermichael Finley is the tight end and one of the Green Bay Packers players.According to the report, Jermichael Finley said that he is going to plan to play.He does not believe his neck injury will end his career.Well, Jermichael Finley also said that he loves the football and love to play on the field again.He is confident that he will return to football successfully after suffering neck and head trauma.Anyway, I hope Jermichael Finley will recover as soon as possible and continue to play on the field to achieve his dream.

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